Poker Variations

4There are many variation of poker game. We are provides a classified index of poker variations whose rules are available here. The table shown in below, indicates the types of variants, some belong to several categories. The poker variants are traditionally classified as draw games, shared card game and stud games, mainly according to the way the cards are dealt. However, there are variants that fall into more than one of these categories or none of them. There are many other useful categories. The table shown in below uses the following categories and show which ones each variant belongs to. 1. Low – lowball poker or low games in which the lowest poker hand wins, rather than the highest poker game. 2. High/Low – The poker game where the part of the pool or the whole pool can be won by having the highest hand or the lowest hand in the showdown 3. Draw – In the draw poker game, which players have the chance to improve their hand by discarding some cards and obtaining replacements from the dealer 4. Stud – The stud or ‘open’ poker games in which some of the players cards are dealt face up, usually with several rounds during the deal 5. Match – In the poker game in which a player who stays in but does not win the showdown pays a penalty, which goes into the pool for the following deal: often the penalty is to match the pool, paying an amount equal to the total current pool size. 6. Mixed – The poker games that consist of several poker games played in succession, either in a fixed sequence or chosen by the game players. 7. Buy – The poker games in which same players can pay extra money to the pool for a privilege such as card exchange or an extra card. 8. Pass – In poker game, the players pass some of their cards to other game players or trade cards with others. 9. Wild – In a poker game, where one or more cards are designated wild and can be used to represent other cards, there improving the owner’s hand 10. Split – Poker games in which the pool is divided between two or more winners according to different criteria such as lowest hand, highest hand, highest spade, and so on. 11. Shared – Community card or shared card games in which some cards are dealt face up to the table, and are available to all game players to use as part of their hand 12. Other – Games that are not really poker variants, but are sometimes allowed as options in a dealer’s select poker game.